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Lutterington Harry
s. Arradoul Balvenie
d. Middlebank Carnagie Anna Marie
History Making Colt Foal . First Colt Ever Unbeaten throughout the Scottish Foal Show Season. His 2016 results include.

Male Champion     - City Of Abredeen Show
Overall Champion  - Kilmarnock Foal Show
Overall Champion  - Lanark & Bigger Foal Show
Foal Champion      - North of Fife Foal Show
Foal Champion      - Lothian & Border Foal Show
Foal Champion      - CHS Winter Fair
Reserve Overall     - CHS Winter Fair
Foal Champion      - Forfar Foal Show


Collessie Flash Girl
s. Arrodoul Balvenie
d. Old Greenlaw Jura
This Filly was sold to Charlotte Young Doura Clydesdales
She is the top filly foal for 2016.

Filly Foal Champion - City of Aberdeen Show
Reserve Overall Champion  - Lanark Bigger Foal Show
Reserve Foal Champion - The North of Fife Foal Show
Reserve Foal Champion - CHS Winter Fair




 Stallion Show Champion 2016

2015 Foal Show Champion at Forfar

City of Aberdeen 2015 Male Champion
Royal Highland Show 2015

Best Male Bred By Exibitor our Yearling Colt

Winter Fair
Foal Champion

Overall Champion

Reserve Champion at


at the following Foal Shows

Lanark, Biggar & Peebles 
North of Fife 
Lothian and Borders



Show Foals 2013


Juinor Colt Foal
1st Kilmarnock & res Male Champion
1st Cupar & res Male Champion
1st Lanark & res Overall Champion
1st Lothians &
 Male Champion


Senior Colt Foal
1st Kilmarnock&res Overall Champion
1st Cupar & Male Champion
2nd Lanark 
1st Lothians
Senior Filly Foal
2nd Kilmarnock
2nd Cupar
4th Lanark 
2nd Lothians

Royal Highland Show 2013

Ardoch Lady Margaret



RHS 2013
1st Prize 3yr old Mare
Reserve Female Champion


Kinross Show
Overall Champion

Cupar Foal Show
Senior Champion



Stallion Show 2013

Collessie Pride 
1st Prize 2yr Old Stallion
Cawdor Cup Reserve
Arradoul Balvenie
2012 Cawdor Cup Champion
2nd 4yr Old Stallion 2013

Collessie Advance
3rd Prize 2yr Old Stallion



Collessie PridePhoto Bill Noble

Collessie Pride

Aberdeen Show Male Champion
Cupar Foal Show 1st Prize Yearling Colt
Winter Fair 1st Prize Yearling Colt
Forfar Foal Show Reserve Champion

Collessie Robyn

Aberdeen Show 1st Prize Yearling Filly
Lanark Foal Show Senior Champion
Winter Fair 1st Prize Yearling Filly
Forfar Foal SHow 1st Prize Yearling Filly

Collessie Roby 
2012 Royal Highland Res Champion Anguston Amber

Anguston Amber

Royal Highland Show
Reserve Champion


Arradoul Balvenie2012 National Stallion Show Male Champion
2012 Cawdor Cup Stallion
Arradoul Balvenie
Owner- Ian Young
Produced By- Ronnie Black 
Standing at Stud at Collessie  

Lothian & Borders Foal Show

Clydesdale Horses,Collessie Advance

Champion Colt Foal

Collessie Advance

by Collessie Whinhill President


Cupar Foal Show

Reserve Senior Champion
1st in the Pair Class
1st Confined Foal
2nd Confined Foal

2nd Prize Senior Colt
3rd Prize Senior Filly

Collessie's Show team was
Collessie Julia
Collessie Robyn
Collessie Pride

Collessie Clydesdales at Cupar Foal Show

Lanark Foal Show 2011

Reserve Overall Champion
Collessie Robyn
sire.Great American Ben Franklin.
dam.Collessie Lucy
2nd Prize Senior Colt
Reserve Male Champion
 Collessie Pride.

Aberdeen Show 2011

Right- Arradoul Balvenie
Owner- Ian Young
Produced By- Ronnie Black
Arradoul Balvine
Collessie Julia

Above- Male Champion
           Reserve Overall Champion



Left- Collessie Julia
2nd Prize Yearling Filly 2011
Sire- Great American Ben Franklin
Dam- Collessie Lucy s,Collessie Whinhill President

Royal Highland Show 2011

Collessie Produce A Champion

Ormiston Mains Amber

Third Generation of Champions Owned by Mr & Mrs R Trotter

Sired By Collessie Stepping Stone 

Stallion Show 2011

  Collessie President
  Collessie Whinhill President 11 Year Old
2nd Prize Senior Stallion 2011


























Foal Shows 2010


Benfranklin Colt

Kilmarnock Foal Show
Champion Colt Foal

Lanark Foal Show
Res Champion Colt Foal

Cupar Foal Show
Res Champion Overall Foal


Clydesdale Classic 2010

Amber Another Prize Winner


Aberdeen Show 2010

Overall Champion
& 1st Prize Yeld Mare
Ormiston Mains Amelie
Amelie 2010 Champion
Amber Another Prize Winner  
1st Prize Yearling Filly
Ormiston Mains Amber

 Highland Show 2010

1st Price Yeld Mare
Female Champion
Overall Show Champion

Photo Courtesy of John Zawadzki
  Ormiston Mains Amelie

 2nd Place Yearling Filly
Ormiston Mains Amber


 Stalion Show 2010

Orminston Mains Amber 4th Placed Yearling Filly

Filly Born 2009
1st C Carrick filly out of a Collessie Cut Above Mare
2nd D Greenhill filly by Old Greenlaw Lochy
3rd N Christie filly by Old Greenlaw Lochy
4th R Trotter filly by Collessie Stepping Stone
6th G Stewart filly by Collessie Redcastle Hallmark

Old Greenlaw Lochy 2007 Cawdor Cup Winner and Stalion Show Champion by Collessie Whinhill President

2010 Stalion Show