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Collessie Feeds stock all leading brands of Horse Food, Dog Food and Bird Food.
We also sell home grown produce such as:

  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Beans
Along with our competitively priced Economy Range
NAF Suplements are also available at Collessie

Our Hay,Haylage and Straw is always available too.

Star Customer Martin Clunes
Martin Clunes Collessie's Claim to Fame
Stocking all main brands of dog Foods here at Collessie Feeds we also Sell our Own Brand of dog food. Blacks Chicken and Rice 19% protein.
Blacks Lamb Lite for the chunkie Chappie in your Life or
Blacks Meaty Green for YOUR working dog at Only £9/15kg 

Chappie Dog FoodJames Wellbeloved Dog FoodClassic FoodSkinners Dog FoodDr John Dog Food

Hens always for sale
Along with Hens always for sale we stock Layers Pellets,Layers Mash,Mixed Corn,Wheat, Barley and Oats

Field Beans or Beyres Pigeon Feed For your racey Bird.
Matrex Supplement is Stocked at Collessie Feeds. Keep Your Pigeon in the Lead

Cat Products Stocked at Collessie Feeds

  • Blacks Cat Food 15kg bag
  • Whiskers Cat Tins
  • Cat Litter 
    Whiskers Cat TinsCat Litter

 Wild Bird Food
Wild Bird Food @ Cheep Cheep Prices
Sunflower Hearts
Niger Seed
Fat Balls
Suet Pellets

 Paddock Harrowing/Reseeding its time to sort your paddocks out.Its time to maximise your grass.
Seeder available for rent contact us for details.