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The most popular products within the bird seed range are pictured below:

  • Wild bird
  • Superior wild bird(less wheat)
  • Peanuts
  • Niger Seed

Bird Food 
Wild Bird Mix 
Peanuts 20kg 
Superior Wild Bird 
Niger Seed 12kg 
Robin Mix with Insects
Sunflower Hearts 
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
CEDE Egg Food
Favourite Mixed Canary
Plain Canary 
Niger Seed  
Parakeet Mix 
Soaked Seed 
No 1 Parrot 

Fat Balls large 
Fat Balls small 

Moulting Mix 
Breeding Mix 
Young Bird No Maize 
Gerry Plus 
Euro Sport Mix 
Suet Pellets 1K

Links for further information 
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